Worksop makeover splits local opinion

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Worksop makeover splits local opinion

Author: Elizabeth Smythe - 11 December 2012

A proposal to revamp Worksop town centre has generated mixed opinion from local residents and businesses, writes.

Councillors have announced £710,000-worth of improvements to the Nottinghamshire town which includes the removal of raised flower beds, 'feature' lighting to enhance shopping areas and the provision of more street furniture - perhaps like steel benches.

Bassetlaw Council hopes that more people will be attracted to the town as a result of the work, which will affect Bridge Street and Bridge Place.

Work started in October and is due to finish in March next year, but some locals have questioned the timing of the upgrade, saying that it was a pity the revamp was taking place over the festive period when the Christmas lights had been turned on.   

The removal of the flowers beds has been seen as a good move by local traders, who say that it will allow easier access for vans and give shoppers more space. The council has been praised by retailers on Bridge Street for attempting to improve the area.

However, not everyone is so happy. One retailer asserted that the council had better things to spend their money on. Another commented on the incessant sound pollution from the drilling outside his shop.

Nevertheless, the council says it aims to create as little disruption as possible to traders and shoppers. It claims the scheme will make the town more vibrant.

Councillor David Pressley enthused about the project to "The regeneration of the town centre is one of the council's main priorities as we wish to make the area as attractive as possible.

"We have planned to undertake this work at either side of the Christmas period so it does not adversely affect the Christmas trade in the town centre."

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