Walkways: Enhancing Our Public Realm

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Walkways: Enhancing Our Public Realm

04 April 2011
The quality of our public realm is widely acknowledged as being essential to the creation of environments that people wish to live and work within. Developments that enhance the public realm for users, particularly for pedestrians, can produce measurable benefits to the local economy, health, social well being and safety.

Major transport interchanges are an increasing focus for public realm developments seeking to improve the social well being and safety of passengers and enhance the local environment to the benefit of the local economy and community. Transport interchanges act as a gateway for the passenger and a poor experience can leave a lasting impression on an individual as they leave or enter a place.

At Macemain + Amstad, through our architectural structures and street furniture, we are giving our clients the opportunity to add value to their public realm development projects. Our continuing investment in laser CNC machining technology and skilled workforce combined with the use of modern materials enables us to offer our clients a variety of quality products and a bespoke design service. Our range of walkways and canopies are playing an increasingly important role in defining the linkages within public realm developments.

Macemain + Amstad have been part of the delivery team ‘Transforming Dublin Airport’ designing a series of walkways to facilitate the movement of passengers through the airport campus. In response to an outline specification provided by Arup, Macemain were appointed to detail design, manufacture and install an enclosed walkway based upon our proven ‘Paragon Walkway System’.

For further information on walkways, public realm development and the Paragon Walkway System we designed and installed at Dublin International Airport please follow the link below.

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