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Prisk urges high street changes

Author: Ashley Curtis - 08 February 2013

High streets up and down the country need to adapt to meet the changing needs of today's consumers if they want to continue to prosper, reports

The radical change in consumer behaviour over the past few years means high streets cannot live in the past and must adapt to a new era of shopping.

As a result, Prisk has established the Future High Streets Forum, which brings together leaders across retail, property and business to better understand the competition and drive forward new policies.

For instance, it will be promoting parking solutions in high street areas, encouraging the use of pop-up shops, reinforcing 'town centre first' planning rules and more.

Furthermore, councils could spruce up their public high streets by installing steel benches where shoppers can sit or additional litter bins so residents can dispose of rubbish during their shop.

Prisk commented on the redevelopment of Britain's high street to "It is clear that our high streets will need to change to prosper. There is already great work being across the country to revitalise the town centres, but it needs to spread further faster. The Future High Streets Forum will help us do that.

"The forum will bring business, councils, retailers and property experts to work together and back communities to rejuvenate our high streets," he added.

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