'Paragon': the original anti-vandal waiting shelter

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'Paragon': the original anti-vandal waiting shelter

26 August 2011
Macemain + Amstad’s modular ‘Paragon’ system is being used throughout the rail network for shelters, waiting rooms, ticket offices, toilet and wash room enclosures, walkways, gate line, stairwell and platform canopies.

Macemain + Amstad’s modular Paragon Anti Vandal (AV) waiting shelter is the preferred platform passenger waiting shelter for many train operating companies.

The original Paragon AV waiting shelter was designed in 1998 by Macemain + Amstad in conjunction with Railtrack (now Network Rail) with the specific brief to design out vandalism together with reducing maintenance costs. Every aspect of the Paragon design was examined and developed to withstand vandalism. Macemain + Amstad continue to review design aspects and have successfully developed the Paragon AV MKII Shelter which can now be seen across the rail network.

The original Paragon AV Shelter is still available for customers who wish to retain the natural ventilation (a design element of the original Railtrack brief) afforded by the aesthetically rewarding and unique wishbone design feature.

For further information on the unique features of the Paragon AV MKII Shelter and deatils of recent projects please follow the link below.

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