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20 July 2023

Transport Hubs

Decarbonising Transport

The Government's plan is to decarbonise transport to make Britain greener and better for the future generations.
Transport hubs are an important part of the transportation system. They can help to reduce traffic congestion, improve public transportation, promote economic development, and improve quality of life. Transport hubs, large or small, act as a gateway creating a strong sense of place for the user entering a town or a city.
We have a wide range of transport hub components that are cost effective, approved and used nationwide at transport interchanges:
• Shelters and screens with solar LED lighting and green living roofs.
• Waiting rooms and staff welfare accommodations
• Ticket offices and retail kiosks
• Covered walkways
• Canopies and gateways
• Toilet and Washroom enclosures
• Cycle hubs cycle parking
• Street furniture including benches, bins, and picnic units
Station Square, as shown below, is the main public transport gateway into Milton Keynes. Pedestrian safety and traffic management were key aspects in the re-design of Station Square, encompassing pedestrian walkways, new passenger shelters and cycle parking provision, all provided by Macemain + Amstad.

Travel Hubs Design Ethos

90% prefabrication offsite enables installation within a single waking shift.
Macemain + Amstad has been working on several projects that combine various functions in one modular travel hub building. The modular travel hub can be configured into any set up to complement your location and design vision.
The system of 90% offsite design, manufacture and assembly, followed by rapid and efficient installation onsite ensures that each vital step is carried out to the utmost quality and safety standards, whilst minimising disruption on site.
This affords staff and service users a state of the art facility within an optimum time scale.
We designed & delivered a landmark travel hub for Cumbernauld new town. The station building comprised five modules prebuilt & assembled to include compact heated public waiting area, ticket office, public & staff toilets, a staff mess area and kitchenette, storerooms, and integrated platform canopy.

Sustainable design

Macemain + Amstad is committed to improve its environmental performance by preventing pollution, minimising waste, and increasing energy efficiency. The following sustainable design features are promoted and utilised wherever possible:
• Use of 100% Recycled Materials
• The ability to re-use and relocate Macemain + Amstad products
• 25 - 85 Year Design Life
• LED Lighting Systems
• Solar Power
• Green Living Roofs
• BREEAM Certification
The core materials that we utilise: aluminium; mild steel, 316L stainless steel, toughened glass, all contain a percentage of recycled material of between 5 and 10% and are all 100% recyclable.
The modular design and flexibility of our products are such that they can be easily reconfigured and relocated as required, prolonging the product life for clients.


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