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Ipswich bus station set for revamp

Author: Ashley Curtis - 01 May 2013

Work is set to begin on revamping a bus station in Ipswich in order to remodel the facility as part of the town's new transport scheme, reports ipswichstar.co.uk.

The £21 million funding, which comes largely from the government, is aimed at making travel easier around the centre. The new bus station will be taking a slice of the funding and redevelopment will see the station closed until August.

The new station design suggests the revamp will deliver new information boards, improved shelters, a new forecourt/footways and better lighting.

A temporary bus station office will be opened nearby in the Buttermarket shopping centre, according to bbc.co.uk.

Clive Wilkinson, Suffolk County Council's Travel Ipswich project manager, believes the revamp will make the station "more welcoming and user-friendly" for passengers.

He said: "This is only one part of the much wider programme of works being carried out across the town - which includes improvements to Tower Ramparts bus station, the installation of a sophisticated traffic management system to make traffic flow better and the creation of new cycle routes."

The Travel Ipswich programme is due to continue until next year, with many other services set for redevelopment. New software will also be installed to ensure signals help traffic to flow around the town and eliminate congestion.

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