Details of tram network expansion to Manchester Airport emerge

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Details of tram network expansion to Manchester Airport emerge

Author: Chris Taylor - 24 October 2012

Two of Greater Manchester's motorways will suffer disruption next month as details behind Metrolink's new tram links to Manchester Airport emerge. explains that motorists will be affected by various overnight closures as two new so-called 'superstructures' are installed over the M60 - in Trafford - and M56 motorways.

The manoeuvring of these superstructures, which form part of a nine-mile extension to the Metrolink line and are part of a £1.5 billion programme of transport works to Greater Manchester, will help thousands more passengers get to the city's airport.

"The new Metrolink line will provide a fast, frequent, efficient and environmentally-friendly form of public transport for communities along the route who are not currently served by either tram or train," explains Metrolink on

"The line will also provide access to rail services from Manchester Airport as well as a providing improved links with bus services through the new interchange at Wythenshawe town centre," leaving plenty of scope for new entrance canopies and new bus shelters for passengers.

Access to jobs at the airport and the Mersey Valley (including Sale Water Park) will also be improved by the scheme, as will leisure and shopping opportunities in Wythenshawe and surrounding areas.

A full overnight closure of the M60 will take place between Junctions 5 and 8 from 10pm on Saturday 3 to 10pm on Sunday 4 November, while the M56 will be closed between Junctions 2 and 5 from 10pm on Saturday 24 to 10pm on Sunday 25 November.

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