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Macemain + Amstad worked with Plymouth Development Council and Plymouth City Council to design a bespoke glass bus shelter, the Devizes Bus Shelter. The Devizes Bus Shelter won a commendation in the new build category of ‘The Abercrombie Architectural Design Award 2000.
The Devizes Bus Shelter is characterised by its extensive use of toughened glass with a minimal structural framework. The bus shelter is available in any length and a maximum width of 3000mm. This contemporary bus shelter can complement modern environments or traditional high street locations.
Standard Modules
The Devizes Bus Shelter can be constructed in any length in modules of 1500mm. The low vault roof is available in widths of 1.5m, 2m and 3m.
Key Benefits

  • A minimal structural framework in conjunction with full height 10mm toughened glass and clear UV stabilised polycarbonate low barrel roof ensures a shelter with modern transparent qualities facilitating natural surveillance and a feeling of openness.
  • The structural framework is available in a stainless steel or mild steel powder coated finish providing different cost options.
  • A distinctive contemporary design that is very different to a standard bus shelter.
  • A complimentary Devizes Cycle Shelter is available.
Options and Accessories include:
    • LED lighting
    • Timetable cases
    • Laminated glass or toughened laminated glass
    • Flag brackets
    • Plank or perch seating
    • RTI compatible
    • Location Marker

University of Bath

University of Bath

Devizes Shelter

Project Scope:
To provide 3 Devizes bus shelters and a cycle enclosure within the Bath University campus.

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