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The Ash Vale Canopy is based on a bespoke canopy design produced in conjunction with BAA to provide a unique bus canopy for passengers at Heathrow Airport.
Our R&D Team has since developed this bespoke design into the Ash Vale Canopy which provides the passenger transport industry with a cost effective, platform canopy or bus canopy, an alternative to the traditional enclosed waiting shelter.
The Ash Vale Canopy differs from traditional structures in that it is designed from a modular footprint, using standard components and sections that enable costs to be kept to a minimum. The Ash Vale Canopy is a flexible system providing the passenger transport industry with low cost option to providing large quality passenger waiting areas.
Standard Modules
The Ash Vale Canopy is based on 4000mm modules with the option of differing roof heights. The roof is 2000mm wide with distinctive tie arms.
Key Benefits:
The main features of the Ash Vales design area:

  • A very cost effective modular system enabling integration with existing platform infrastructure
  • Optional Paragon AV9/3 or tab fixed side glazing providing strong design continuity with existing platform infrastructure
  • Optional distinctive design tie arms
  • Integral drainage and electrical management
  • Interchangeable materials
Options and accessories include:
  • Bulk head lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • Plank or perch seating
  • RTI compatible
  • Signage

South West Trains Station Canopy

South West Trains, Ash Vale Canopy

Ash Vale Canopy

Project Scope:
The design, manufacture and installation of a new platform canopy at Ash Vale Station. Macemain + Amstad worked with South West Trains and their consultants to provide a valued engineered platform canopy for South West Trains. The canopy at Ash Vale Station included a central back panel that incorporated a number of design features from the Paragon AV Shelter range

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