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Paragon: Glass & Covered Walkways

The Paragon walkway is suitable for simple or complex structures from roof only to fully heated, ventilated and carpeted building links. It is available with either a low barrel or peaked roof and can be provided in a polyester, galvanized or stainless steel finish.
Standard Modules
The Paragon is based on a 1500mm modular construction in both its length and width but is adaptable so that all dimensions can be maximised.
Key benefits
The three main features of the Paragon Design are:

  • The Paragon walkway’s structural upright columns have a distinctive hollow cast aluminum “wishbone” which connects to the wedge-shaped eaves and carries services service such as drainage, electrics and/or fibre optics.
  • Four glazing system options as standard using either 10mm toughened glass or 6mm UV stabilized polycarbonate:
    • Tab Fixed
    • Tab Fixed with mid rail
    • Rebated with or without mid rail(s)
    • Paragon AV9/AV3 Frame
    • Other glazing options up to 12mm thick can be specified.
  • The Paragon can be specified for wide span areas without the need for additional support.
Options and accessories include:
    • Curtain lighting with flush opal diffusers
    • Laminated or toughened laminated glass
    • LED lighting
    • Plank or perch seating
    • Solar panels
    • RTI ducting and brackets
    • Vision strips
    • Signage
    • Steel kick panels

National Farmers Union

National Farmers Union, Stratford Upon Avon

Paragon Walkway

Project Scope:
The design, manufacture and installation of a 177 metre stepped and facetted Paragon glazed stainless steel walkway.

project image

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