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Our ‘iconic’ 011 seating can be seen in America in the Epcot centre and Disneyland, Hong Kong, Germany, throughout the UK at many railway stations, in local parks, on the ‘high street’ and school playgrounds. The 011 is suitable for internal or external use.

The 011 seat has been specified for, Victorian city centres, museums and galleries through to architecturally designed open space and even used as part of modern art exhibits.

This clean contemporary style of seat rivals modern alternatives and offers a low cost seat which is extremely popular within many sectors. Options include:

  • Wall mounted
  • Double back to back units
  • Circular arrangements
  • Stools
  • Picnic units
  • Mini 011
  • Litter Bin (013; 014; 019; 020; 021)
  • Bespoke - special variations can be made to fit virtually all sites and are manufactured to order.

The ‘mini 011’ bench seat is the baby of the 011 bench seat and has been especially designed for children. This unique range of seating will enhance any urban or rural environment and can be installed in school grounds, sports clubs and leisure amenities to give children a stylish and comfortable place to sit.

The 011 series is available in any one of our eleven standard PPA colours, powder coated in an RAL No., galvanised or 316L stainless steel finish.

An 012 iroko timber seat and complimentary litter bin is also available.

University of Bath

University of Bath

Devizes Shelter

Project Scope:
To provide 3 Devizes bus shelters and a cycle enclosure within the Bath University campus.

project image

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