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The Paragon shelter is Macemain + Amstad’s most widely used shelter and is constructed from powder coated aluminium and steel, polycarbonate and or toughened glass. This shelter system and range can extend to:

    • Bus Shelters
    • Bus Station Design 
    • Rail Shelters
    • Train Station Design  
    • School Shelters
    • Canopies
    • Cycle Shelters 
    • Entrance Canopies

Standard Modules

The Paragon is based on a 1500mm modular construction in both its length and width with a low vault roof but is adaptable so that all dimensions can be maximised.

Key benefits

The main features of the Paragon Design are:
  • The Paragon shelter’s structural upright columns have a distinctive “wishbone” design feature which connects to the wedge-shaped eaves.
  • Integral drainage and electrical management.
  • Three glazing system options as standard: tab fixed; rebated frame; rebated frame with single/twin mid rail(s)
  • Disabled access and a full turning circle for wheelchairs can be accommodated.

Norwich Bus Station

Bluestone plc

Paragon Bus Shelters

Project Scope:
The design, manufacture and installation of various sized Paragon Bus Shelters with tab fixed glass, manifestation printed on the glass and perch seating, seating, litter bins, timetable cases and bollards.

project image

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