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Paragon Anti - Vandal Shelter

The Paragon AV Shelter is the preferred platform passenger shelter for mny train operating companies. The shelter was developed from an original brief in conjunction with Railtrack in 1998 (now Network Rail) and is distinguished by a number of key features to withstand vandalism and reduce maintenance costs centred around the AV9 glazing system.

We have recently launched the Paragon AV MKII shelter which offers the same benefits of the Paragon AV but the wishbone design feature has been removed and the glazing frames extended.

The Paragon AV and Paragon AV MKII shelter can be provided with the glazed panel frame system subdivided into 3 panels (AV3). The Paragon AV Shelters are Achilles Link up approved.

Standard Modules

The Paragon AV shelter is based on a 1500mm modular construction in both length and width but is adaptable so that all site dimensions can be maximised. The low vault roof overhangs the enclosure on the width and at each end.

Key benefits

  • Construction materials are stainless steel, embossed stainless steel, stainless steel counter sunk security fixings, solid infill panels along the bottom of the shelter, polyester powder coated aluminium and toughened glass all utilised in such a way as to withstand vandalism.
  • Specific design features: sloping sides of the glazing frame, integral gutter system, recessed light fittings, use of clear toughened glass fully recessed with a minimum 25mm rebate mounted in a deep soft rubber channel; to minimise hand holds and to ensure maximum impact absorption.

East Midlands Trains

East Midland Trains

Paragon AV9 MKII Shelter

Project Scope:
The design, manufacture and installation of 55 nos. Paragon AV9 MKII shelters including all ground works throughout the East Midlands Train Network.

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