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Wokingham needs to retain uniqueness

Author: Ashley Curtis - 19 December 2012

The outgoing president of the Wokingham Society has urged planners to not let Wokingham become a 'clone town', cites topix.com.

David Tinker, who retired last month after 20 years, believes the opening of new-age coffee shops and tanning salons will benefit the young people of the town but there is 'little left' in the town for older generations, reports getwokingham.co.uk.

The society has been battling with the borough and town councils recently and he believes the town centre has been 'badly managed'. Furthermore, town centre regeneration has been left half finished.

"The building of a food store and a hotel is the one thing we are radically against. We do not believe the council has really considered what the residents are feeling about these problems. There is a feeling they ignore these representations although we attend every meeting," he explained.

A poll on the website suggests over the next 20 years, 72 per cent of residents would like to see some 'small developments' to Wokingham, which could come in the form of improved cycle shelters, bus stations or street furniture, for example.

However, Tinker reaffirmed that Wokingham was still a 'splendid' place to live despite the council troubles, adding that the town's location and people are vital to the wellbeing of the town.

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