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Waiting Environments for the Rail Passenger

03 May 2011
Over 2.7 million rail trips are made by passengers on an average weekday. ATOC has stated that passenger numbers are expected to more than double in the next two decades. As a result record expenditure has been planned by Network Rail, Transport for London, Department of Transport and TOCs. Research by Passenger Focus highlights that rail passengers want to see investment in the rail industry, specifically more waiting rooms and station toilets. The opportunity exits for the rail industry to shape the major entrance ways into our cities, towns and rural communities through attractive and thoughtful station design.

Macemain + Amstad is the leading designer and manufacturer of rail passenger transport infrastructure and give clients the opportunity to add value to their station developments. Continuing investment in laser CNC machining technology and skilled workforce combined with the elegant use of modern materials, enable Macemain + Amstad to offer clients a variety of quality products and a bespoke design service.

In response to its client’s desire to continually improve facilities for the rail passenger Macemain + Amstad have taken the design concept of the fully enclosed automated waiting area to the next level to provide the rail passenger with a greater variety of potential services and facilities within a single unit, ‘The Modular Station Ticket Office’.

The modular station ticket office can accommodate a variety of design aspects and comes in any number of configurations, with a multitude of facilities and services depending on the client’s requirements. The comfort of the rail passenger is central to the design specification of the unit.

For further information on the modular sation ticket office and other quality waiting environments please follow the link below.

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