Unique street furniture gets Pontypool talking

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Unique street furniture gets Pontypool talking

Author: Joe Elvin - 05 March 2013

Some uniquely-shaped street furniture has got the town of Pontypool talking.

Last week, Torfean County Borough Council installed some peculiar seating in the town centre and it has split opinions with regards to how good it looks.

The five multi-coloured seats scattered around the high street are shaped like half an egg, with different artistic themes on the base of each.

The themes, which are supposed to represent the history of the town, include rugby, the indoor market, industry and the environment. One was designed to by local schoolchildren.

Councillor Lewis Jones, who is vice chairman of Pontypool Regeneration Partnership, was pleased to see the project finally brought to life.

Speaking to southwalesargus.co.uk, he said: "There has been a lot of community involvement leading up the installation of this artwork. I would like to congratulate everyone for the work they have put in."

Some local residents weren't as sure about the street furniture. UK projects like this can often split the nation. Geoffrey James, 60, echoed the views of some residents who were asked about the seats when he described them as a "waste of money".

The seats cost £30,000 and were paid for out of the £10 million Pontypool Settlement Area fund. According to torfaen.gov.uk, it is hoped the money will continue to fund town centre projects for the next 15-20 years.

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