Sunderland rail station to undergo redevelopment

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Sunderland rail station to undergo redevelopment

Author: Ashley Curtis - 21 September 2012

Sunderland's decrepit city-centre railway station is set to be given a all-over lick of paint to the tune of £10 million, reports

The new train station design aims to demolish the building and replace it with a lightweight roof over a new concourse and public area. Furthermore, the plans are set to include designs for existing and new shops, cites

Finance from city council bosses, Network Rail and public transport executive Nexus will fund the various stages of the redevelopment, with the first stage set to cost each authority a cool £200,000.

A Network spokesman commented on the redevelopment: "We are working with partners to develop the station into a modern affordable gateway into the city of Sunderland. The designs are in the early stage of development but will complement the work that has already been completed in the below ground station and radically improve the passenger experience."

Furthermore, chairman of the NECC Sunderland committee Gary Hutchinson believes the move will radically improve the city.

He said: "This is very welcoming news for the city in a much needed area. The train station of any town or city is a gateway for visitors and our current offering is in much need of development."

In addition, Hutchinson hopes the regeneration will help other areas of the city to engage in redevelopment.

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