St Albans City Station set for repair and redevelopment

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St Albans City Station set for repair and redevelopment

Author: Ashley Curtis - 12 March 2013

An uneven and leaking footbridge at St Albans City Station has prompted developers into action, in a bid to overhaul the station, reports

Reported in full by, Network Rail will be carrying out a range of improvements to the station which is First Capital Connect's busiest outside the capital, with over six million passengers every year.

Passenger complaints have sparked the company into action, with a refurbishment and possible change to station design on the cards. Side panels will be stripped, the roof will be renewed and new non-slip flooring and 'brighter lighting' will be installed.

In addition, stair nosings will be replaced and the entire bridge will be repainted. New low and high level hand rails will also be installed.

Keith Jipps, customer service director for First Capital Connect, commented on the overhaul: "We are delighted to see this essential work being delivered for the benefit of our passengers.

"St Albans is our busiest station on the Thameslink route outside London and the upgrade in 2009 really brought it into the 21st century with a larger ticket hall, passenger lifts and a multi-storey car park," he added.

Work will be carried out from April 1 in the early hours of the morning - between 12.00am and 5.00am - which Network Rail hopes will inconvenience commuters as little as possible.

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