Rubbish and litter becoming a concern for Wells, Somerset

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Rubbish and litter becoming a concern for Wells, Somerset

Author: Ashley Curtis - 17 April 2013

Residents of a town in Somerset are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of litter and rubbish floating around their picturesque area, according to

Reported in full by, Mendip District Council is coming under fire as the litter problem in Wells is becoming 'worse than London' according to some residents.

Furthermore, a number of farmers are being singled out as rubbish from farms, alongside a significant amount of mud across roads and pavements, is being found across the area.

As a result, the council may want to consider installing outdoor litter bins to help farmers and other residents discard their rubbish in the appropriate manner.

Belinda Mayne, a resident of Wells, believes there is much more rubbish in the area compared to when she initially moved to Wells two years ago.

She commented on the state of the area: "I'm really depressed about it. It's in every hedgerow and in all the rivers. I've found used babies nappies in the hedgerows. It's disgusting.

"I like looking at nice things and since I've moved here things have got so much worse. I used to live in London, in Wimbledon, and things are definitely cleaner there. It's driving me nuts. There are some farmers who unwrap their bales from plastic things and then just leave them in the hedges," she added.

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