Regeneration could bring new business into Gainsborough

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Regeneration could bring new business into Gainsborough

Author: Paul Smithson - 13 December 2012

Businesses in Gainsborough look set to benefit from the impending upgrade of the town centre, a local politician has claimed.

Councillor Malcolm Parish, chairman of the West Lindsey District Council Prosperous Communities Committee, told that the £500,000 due to be spent on the town could even bring new retailers in.

The money will mean investment in street furniture. Bins, lighting, signage and benches will be installed, with Councillor Parish highlighting how the upgrades should make for a more enjoyable experience for shoppers.

He said: "We're delighted work on the second phase of the scheme is due to start. The scheme will play a vital role in making Gainsborough an attractive destination for shoppers, visitors and businesses."

Construction work will begin in January as part of a £3 million regeneration project, with the works due to be completed by March. Some disruption is expected while builders are making the changes, but the upgrades in the pipeline suggest this disruption will be worth while.

Another sign of Gainsborough's regeneration has been the news that the unused magistrates' court building is due to be renovated and used. reports that a new KFC fast food outlet will move into the Roseway building, which has been empty since 2008. The outlet looks set to create around 40 jobs, as planning permission has been approved.

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