Rail investment could help build new stations

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Rail investment could help build new stations

Author: Ashley Curtis - 08 January 2013

A £37.5 billion plan by the rail industry wishes to deliver government priorities for rail and help build a better value railway for Britain, according to freshbusinessthinking.com.

The industry's plan includes a 'programme of investment' which will help fund infrastructure required for the increase in capacity, capability and cost-effectiveness of Britain's railway.

This could potentially include the formation of new train stations, starting with the draft of a basic train station design, in order to increase the reach of British rail across the country.

According to telegraph.co.uk, just over £8 billion will come from the taxpayer. Furthermore, Network Rail has based its calculations on the government allowing fares to rise one per cent above inflation, raising nearly £15.3 billion. The rest of the money coming from borrowing.

Overall, the plan hopes to tackle the problem of increasing passenger and freight demand.

Paul Blummer, group strategy director at Network Rail, commented on the plan: "Britain's railways are booming, with more people and businesses choosing rail than ever before and passenger satisfaction at record levels.

"As a business and as an industry we are better placed than ever before to understand what needs to be done to build on this success and create a better railway which meets the need of customers in a sustainable way," he added.

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