Preston bus station to have airport lounge design

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Preston bus station to have airport lounge design

Author: Lauren Sutton - 25 February 2013

Preston bus station is due to be styled like an airport lounge, according to

A proposed takeover of the station will see one side of the area being redeveloped to turn it into a leisure area comprising coffee shops, show repair shops and convenience stores. The other side of the terminal would be kept as a bus station.

The details of the bid made by energy tycoon Simon Rigby are being kept secret due to a commercial confidentiality agreement. reports that Mr Rigby made his bid after Preston Council voted to demolish the building. He said: "I will personally put the money up to keep it."

Stating that he is from the area himself, he went on to say: "It is a choice, either we keep the bus station in the family and bring it back to health or it gets knocked down."

The new bus station design would see the upper levels being used as a car park, with the ground floor forming a welcome area. The bid is rumoured to be a multi-million pound project, with the refurbishment thought to potentially reach costs of around £23 million. Running costs are said to be around £300,000 per year.

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