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New bus station planned for Paisley

Author: Ashley Curtis - 12 September 2012

Bus station design plans hope to turn a local town centre tenement block into a fully-fledged terminal in Paisley, reports

Local MSP George Adam and engineer Gary Kerr have joined forces to attempt to deliver a 'workable plan' for a bus station in Paisley, Renfrewshire - a locale that currently has no dedicated area for bus passengers.

The demolition of a rundown, neglected tenement in Incle Street could be the perfect location for such a station, according to the plans, as the station would only be a short ride away from Glasgow Airport.

Kerr commented on the plans: "For the past year George has helped me push ahead with plans for the station. We have been talking about it to the decision makers in Renfrewshire, including the council, but I decided I would do the groundwork and draw up plans to show the idea was not only viable, but a great chance to reinvigorate the town.

"I aired the plans on Twitter and was amazed by the response. I have dozens of people wanting to establish a group to develop the idea into a reality," he added.

The plans come just a week after council leaders agreed to meet to discuss a train station for the area, which could utilise a Scottish Government grant to construct the station, reports

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