Much-loved bus shelter allowed to stay

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Much-loved bus shelter allowed to stay

Author: Lauren Sutton - 31 May 2013

A much-loved bus shelter has been saved from removal by local residents, according to

The people of Upper Hopton in West Yorkshire were concerned that if the shelter was removed, they would be forced to wait for their buses in the gale-force winds that are thought to frequently hit the village.

The company that runs the public transport for the region, Metro, announced that the shelter did not have to be removed.

The deputy chair of Metro, Councillor Eric Firth said: "When it is shown that proposed removals would cause hardship - in this case due to the exposed location of the stop - we do listen to local people and, where possible, make an informed, sensitive and sensible decision."

According to, Metro has also helped out the local residents in another village near Leeds.

A 94-year-old pensioner complained that an existing bus stop in Shadwell was too far for himself and other elderly people to walk and after talks with local councillors and transport bosses, Metro agreed to provide a new bus stop.

Although Leeds City Council highways department originally said more bus shelters were not practical, a little campaigning eventually won out for the village residents with the new arrival.

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