London Bridge redevelopment to disrupt commuters

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London Bridge redevelopment to disrupt commuters

Author: Ashley Curtis - 02 November 2012

The Thameslink upgrade to London Bridge station is set to disrupt thousands of commuters until at least 2018, reports

London Bridge's new station design has planned new platforms, new lifts, escalators and entrances on Tooley Street and St Thomas Street. The five-year project will also create a new concourse the size of the pitch at Wembley and will boost the passenger capacity from 50 million to 75 million, reports

Despite the overhaul, rail bosses aim to keep the station open throughout the work. However, platforms 14, 15 and 16 will be closed to the public from May 2013 and Southern trains will be diverted to other platforms resulting in changes to train timings.

Overall, the works have been described as the 'most ambitious redevelopment of any London station in a generation'.

A spokeswoman for London TravelWatch commented on the changes: "We support the rebuilding of London Bridge because essential improvements for passengers that cannot be properly delivered without works of this scale, however, we realise that it is going to cause significant disruption to passengers over a long period.

"Regular and reliable information, which clearly spells out any alternative travel options is essential and, where necessary, additional services or stops should be provided eg. extra services into Victoria," she added.

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