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Leisure centre planned for Tonbridge

Author: Lauren Sutton - 25 February 2013

Plans to build a new leisure centre in Tonbridge have been announced, according to bbc.co.uk, after councillors voted in favour of the project.

A legal agreement with supermarket chain Sainsbury's will see a cinema and shops built as part of the centre. The supermarket itself will be expanded.

Tonbridgepeople.co.uk reported that the project will also include a multi-screen cinema. The Angel Centre, which has been in operation since the 1980s, is set to be closed. A new leisure and community centre will be built over a car park on the other side of the High Street in Tonbridge.

The development may include the installation of new street furniture - including outdoor litter bins - as the project could see an increase in people visiting the area to use the leisure facilities. The whole project is due to be finished by 2016.

Council leader Nicolas Heslop said: "It should underpin the town's prosperity for years to come, give shoppers more choice, give retailers more customers and bring us the facilities to compete with other towns.

"We have everyone in mind and are committed to provide a mix of business, leisure and community opportunities right in the heart of the town."

Dame Kelly Holmes has also expressed her pleasure at the news of the project, having previously called for more leisure facilities.

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