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Leigh Park town centre to receive £100,000 investment

Author: Ashley Curtis -  31 October 2012
Around £100,000 worth of investment is set to restore and improve Leigh Park town centre, bring extra seating, clocks and street furniture bins to the area, cites...

Reading Borough Council to trial litter and graffiti clean-up app

Author: Ashley Curtis -  30 October 2012
Litter and graffiti around Reading city centre and its suburbs can now be reported via smartphones and tablets, reports The Love Clean Reading...

Details of tram network expansion to Manchester Airport emerge

Author: Chris Taylor -  24 October 2012
Two of Greater Manchester's motorways will suffer disruption next month as details behind Metrolink's new tram links to Manchester Airport...

Welsh ministers issue call to save high streets

Author: Ashley Curtis -  22 October 2012
Welsh Conservative ministers are calling for a reform to business rates as part of a plan to save the country's dwindling high street footfall, reports...

Salford Crescent station set for redesign

Author: Ashley Curtis -  16 October 2012
One of Britain's most crowded rail stations is set for a £12 million revamp in order to ease the threat of passengers falling on the tracks, reports...

Fylde bus station may need a redesign, claim residents

Author: Ashley Curtis -  12 October 2012
The new design of a Fylde coast bus station has been slammed after residents expressed their confusion at the layout,

Council seeking to end bin problems

Author: Ashley Curtis -  10 October 2012
Outdoor litter bins could be the answer for residents living in parts of Erskine, Renfrewshire who have long complained about windblown litter and easily-shreddable...

Bromsgrove high street receives lottery grant

Author: Ashley Curtis -  08 October 2012
Bromsgrove town centre is set for a massive rejuvenation after the area was awarded a significant new lottery...

Bracknell government grant to help regenerate bus station

Author: Ashley Curtis -  03 October 2012
The regeneration of Bracknell and the surrounding area continues with the addition of a £1.5 million government grant for the town's bus...

Crewe set for £6 million train station

Author: Ashley Curtis -  01 October 2012
Crewe railway station is set for a massive £6 million overhaul as part of regeneration project All Change For Crewe, reports Starting later...

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