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Warwickshire County Council puts in bid for government funding

Author: Deborah Bates -  26 February 2013
Warwickshire County Council has applied to the government for £5 million worth of funding, which it would put towards creating a new railway station in nearby...

Glasgow Airport set for improvement works ahead of Commonwealth Games

Author: David Howells -  26 February 2013
Glasgow Airport looks set to receive £10 million for upgrade works in time for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, reports. The Scottish...

Preston bus station to have airport lounge design

Author: Lauren Sutton -  25 February 2013
Preston bus station is due to be styled like an airport lounge, according to A proposed takeover of the station will see one side of the area...

Leisure centre planned for Tonbridge

Author: Lauren Sutton -  25 February 2013
Plans to build a new leisure centre in Tonbridge have been announced, according to, after councillors voted in favour of the project. A legal...

Cardiff Airport to be bought by local government

Author: David Howells -  20 February 2013
The Welsh government is expected to buy Cardiff Airport from Spanish owners Abertis for £50 million by the end of March,

Swanage to Wareham rail service to be restored

Author: Ashley Curtis -  14 February 2013
A train service in Dorset is set to be reinstated after a 41 year hiatus, reports Thanks to a £1.47 million grant, a service on the...

Scottish train stations to undergo revamp before Commonwealth Games

Author: Ashley Curtis -  11 February 2013
A number of train stations in Scotland will be given a makeover worth £2 million in time for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, reports...

Prisk urges high street changes

Author: Ashley Curtis -  08 February 2013
High streets up and down the country need to adapt to meet the changing needs of today's consumers if they want to continue to prosper, reports...

Sheffield experiencing high levels of litter after backlog

Author: Ashley Curtis -  05 February 2013
Sheffield Council and its associated contractor have apologised for the surge in litter across some areas of the city, pledging to clean it up after a bins backlog is...

Rhyl train station set for £2.5 million revamp

Author: Ashley Curtis -  01 February 2013
Plans to revamp Rhyl train station have been embraced by town leaders, who believe it would be a 'positive move' for the area. Reported by...

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