Huntingdon town centre set for revamp

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Huntingdon town centre set for revamp

Author: Ashley Curtis - 16 May 2013

The go-ahead has been given to a £25 million shopping development scheme in Huntingdon town centre, reports

A new supermarket and a series of shops will be built as part of the development, which will also see the demolition of the rear of the 1960's Chequers Court shopping area.

A multi-storey car park is expected to be built, with a finishing date of November, but it is not yet known when the rest of the redevelopment work will be finished.

The scheme will provide 110,000 sq ft of new floorspace, equivalent to around 2.5 acres, according to the council. It is hope the development helps the town thrive by attracting visitors and shoppers 'with ample car parking and a good mix of shops'.

Other ways to improve high streets for shoppers could be the installation of street furniture bins for shoppers to dispose of their rubbish, as well as street lamps or benches for shoppers to relax on.

Malcolm Sharp, Huntingdonshire District Council's Managing Director, commented on the revamp to "This is a very significant day in the development of a vibrant and viable town centre for Huntingdon.

"These plans will ensure that Huntingdon and the surrounding area develop into one of the best places locally to visit, live, work and also to invest. This is a growing area and all the signs are that this will continue for a number of years to come," he added.

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