Edinburgh Airport set to attract new airlines

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Edinburgh Airport set to attract new airlines

Author: Deborah Bates - 30 January 2013

Edinburgh Airport plans to use its new £15 million development fund to attract new routes and airlines, stv.tv reports.

This was confirmed by the airport's chief executive, Gordon Dewar, who explained that these would be crucial moves for the airport. Dewar told Travelweekly.co.uk: "Creating new routes in and out of Edinburgh Airport is one of our core activities.

"We came to Edinburgh last summer focused on building Scotland's connections with the world. The deals with easyJet and Ryanair alone will see almost 16 million passengers pass through Edinburgh Airport over the next five years."

Although happy about the news, Dewar went on to say that he is hungry for more and intends to monitor his competition closely in a bid to take their business away. He may decide later down the line to expand the airport's actual facility in a bid to cope with increased passenger numbers; particularly as he intends to put his money where his mouth is, he said.

Doing this would require serious thought though and perhaps the addition of things like a covered walkway, or more commercial furniture to keep passengers comfortable.

Dewar concluded by expressing his vision: that Edinburgh Airport will become the place where "Scotland meets the world".



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