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Council seeking to end bin problems

Author: Ashley Curtis - 10 October 2012

Outdoor litter bins could be the answer for residents living in parts of Erskine, Renfrewshire who have long complained about windblown litter and easily-shreddable black bin bags.

That's the solution proposed by Renfrewshire Council, cited by, as the current situation is many residents - 6,000 homes out of 77,000 - do not having rear access in their houses.

This means that wheelie bins would have to be wheeled through the home or up steep stairs, which is not an option for some residents, making it difficult for the council to provide wheelie bins.

However, a new study is being commissioned by the council to find out the problem and resolve the issue once and for all.

Environment convener Councillor Jim Harte commented on the situation to "I recognise that this situation has been ongoing for a number of years and that this is an important issue for people living in Erskine. The council is taking action to address it.

"The goal is to find ways of making sure as many homes as possible have a robust container to put their rubbish into which can't be torn open by foxes or seagulls. The council has commissioned Zero Waste Scotland to look at the challenges involved with collecting household waste and rubbish that can be recycled from homes where it is difficult to use wheeled bins," he added.

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