Cheltenham residents fume over litter in park

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Cheltenham residents fume over litter in park

Author: Ashley Curtis - 14 September 2012

Cheltenham Borough Council has vowed to take action after overflowing litter bins are spoiling Winston Churchill Memorial Gardens, reports

Beer bottles and cans are being strewn across the beautiful park which, according to, used to be a cemetery. Due to the lack of litter bins in the area, residents are complaining that litter is being thrown on the floor.

Now, the council is raising the number of daily patrols in the area from two to three in order to calm the vicious litter problem that is plaguing the area. Furthermore, the council could take even further action by installing additional outdoor litter bins to quash the problem.

Gary Dawson, 45, is a resident of the area and is outraged at the overflow.

He fumed: "I have reported this issue to the council three times because the amount of rubbish on the floor down there has become a joke.

"I think the borough council is giving a mixed message in many ways to people with businesses and who live in the lower High Street area because although they are saying on the one hand it's a regeneration area, on the other hand they are not maintaining the bins."

The council maintain they are dealing with the problem and are helping to alleviate the overflow with the increase in patrols.

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