Canopy provides safe haven for Aberystwyth University students

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Canopy provides safe haven for Aberystwyth University students

Author: Chris Taylor - 08 November 2012

Entrance canopies have been erected outside of a popular café at Aberystwyth University to protect students from falling debris, it has emerged. reports that the installation of the bright yellow-roofed canopy has been somewhat of a mystery since it appeared a few weeks ago.

However, the canopy's true purpose has now been revealed - and it isn't to protect the students from the elements.

"The canopy has been erected as a preventative measure after a small piece of concrete became detached and fell on the western elevation of the arts centre," a spokesperson for the university confirmed.

The spokesperson added what while no one was injured when the debris fell more than a fortnight ago, the university decided to take precautionary measures to protect people sitting below "in the unlikely event of a recurrence".

"A survey has since been conducted by structural engineers and any loose spalling removed," they said.

According to, the Piazza Café on the Penglais campus is part of the university's Arts Centre, and is a popular place for students looking to gorge down on cakes and speciality coffees.

Although the university is considering re-cladding the building up above and removing the canopy, it's actually been a hit with students. The canopy has had the unintentional bonus of staving off local seagulls who have formerly plagued outside diners.

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