Bristol to build first railway station in 15 years

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Bristol to build first railway station in 15 years

Author: Ashley Curtis - 27 September 2012

Bristol's first new railway station in 15 years is set to be built as the council prepares to give the green light to changes to the city's transport infrastructure.

As reported by, Bristol City Council's cabinet will decide on a range of projects next week - including the new train station design, which will reportedly be built at the Portway Park and Ride near junction 18 of the M5 at Avonmouth.

Other proposals include fitting residential/street lights with white light lamps, resurfacing 24 roads across the city and spending £5.7 million on bus and public transport.

Three new funding streams will act as the foundation for projects, including £16 million from the Cabinet's Investing in Bristol's future package, £9.25 million from the government's Local sustainable Transport Fund and £2.7 million from the government's Better Bus Fund.

Tim Kent, the councillor in charge of transport, hopes the new proposals will be delivered 'on time and on budget'.

Speaking to, he said: "This year has seen a massive injection of funding into Bristol's transport by both the city council and the government.

"This means that we can move forward with major infrastructure improvements across the city - to roads, street lighting, bus stops, and also help fund local improvement schemes through a £2 million total grant pot," he added.

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